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 2019, 66 pages, 22X23cm, 39 colour photographs

                                       ISBN 978-618-00-1195-1



I consider photographs to be traces of reality. Fragments, transformations that convey information in a non-linear mode. They are expanding our perception, they constitute a reality in the second degree, narrower but more dramatic (Susan Sontag). According to Walter Benjamin, in them we recognize images of our unconscious.

For many years, among what I choose to shoot, Ι collect images that seemingly do not correspond to a specific subject, nor do they form a unity distinguished by external similarities. But after a more thorough observation, I become able to apprehend their affinities in the sensation they transmit, regardless of their external form. Regardless of whether they are images of external or internal space, still life, structures or human forms, they do carry a somewhat symbolic, latent, submissive element, a presence that cannot be easily conveyed in words. They bring out aspects of the world that direct vision overlooks. 

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