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 2024, 112 pages, 23X27.5cm, 49 colour photographs

                                       ISBN 978-618-00-5078-3



The photograph as a signifying surface

The photograph as a signifying surface is a notion in the theory of image and communication suggesting that a photograph is not simply a representation of reality but a complex structure of symbols and meanings. Each photograph consists of multiple signs and elements, signifiers and signifieds, that coalesce to form the image. It indicates that the photograph functions as a language: the elements of the image are like the letters or words that compose a sentence.


In "Imprint" series Akis Detsis explores precisely the notion of photography as a signifying surface through the depiction of landscape. Each image in the series is a canvas where natural and human-made elements leave their mark, their imprint, but also the imprint formed on the memory and consciousness of the photographer. (...)

                                                                                                                         Costas Goudis
                                                                                                           Athens, February 2024


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