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Geography by itself is difficult to value accurately, what we hope for 
from the artist is help in discovering the significance of a place

Robert Adams 

The landscape is changing at an increasing rate during the last decades, its ecology is being disrupted, its form is now more and more determined by human intervention. Old familiar landscapes which in the past defined us in various ways and are imprinted in our memory as ideal and immaculate, are changing radically.
We need the past to cope with present landscapes.   We  selectively perceive what we are accustomed to seeing because we share a story with it. We see things simultaneously as they are and as we viewed them before. We look back to old landscapes in the fear that the experience we once had may disappear before our eyes.
Nevertheless, meaning persists through this change. Previous experience permeates the present perception. We capture what we see around us, trying to see beyond the facts, trying to recomprehend the significance of the landscape and its current form.

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